The Information and Advice Service programme

What is IASP?

Bolton IAS, supported by Bolton Council have been successful in applying for additional funding from the Department for Education and Council for Disabled Children. This is to improve information and advice services for families and young people with SEND from 0-25 years. This funding is to be used to make sure we are providing Bolton with a service that is compliant, well resourced, able to meet all of our users needs, and offer staff who are skilled and trained  to a high level. 

We are expected to look at where we need to improve our service, and were asked to complete a full service review to see where our focus needed to be. We have identified that we don't reach as many young people as we would like to, and, as a result, we are undertaking consultations with children and young people to identify what we can do to make our service accessible to them. 

Once the consultation period is complete, we will implement a two year plan to help us work towards improving our service, using the feedback from our young persons consultation. 

The programme is managed by Cheryl Wyatt, with Mike Hirst leading on the activities and Lindsey Allardice supporting the implementation and delivery. 

For further details on the consultation events, please contact Cheryl on