One of our core principles

Being impartial

IAS Bolton are commissioned by Bolton Council as a statutory service, but we do not work for, or on behalf of, the council.

We are commissioned by the council as there is a legal obligation on them to do so. They must provide parents, carers, children and young people, with access to information and advice services. 

Being impartial means we don't take sides with anyone. We use the law to reference and guide our discussions and advice and support to you. This also means having the same approach when we work with schools, services, and the council. 

We exist as a support tool for you first and foremost, and, regardless of the advice and information you are given, there are some minimum requirements you can expect from us.

  • We will be honest and frank
  • We will give you all your options in law- not opinion
  • We will be supportive and compassionate
  • We will not speak to professionals without your consent
  • Everything you share with us is confidential, unless it must be shared to protect a child/ an adult
  • We will treat you with resect and dignity

Our policy in full