Empowering you

Bolton IAS do more than provide support....

At IAS, we feel strongly about families having an understanding of their rights in relation to their children with SEND. Whilst we are always here to advocate for you, and support you, we are keen to ensure you are firmly in charge of the decisions made about your child. 

We also understand that sometimes, you've something to say but don't know where to say it, or have the confidence to do it. We want to make sure you are heard, and that your opinions matter.

IAS sit on the strategic group for SEND. We sit with other people from Education, Health and Social care, and feedback about common themes we have identified with our work with families. We also chair the Engaging Parents Carers and Young peoples group, where we bring together parent carers and professionals to collaboratively work together on ways to make decision making clear, and to involve families in policies and practices.

We are a member of BPCC and are actively involved in the work that they do. This includes producing and co-delivering workshops for parents and carers on things such as EHC plans, SEN support and Transition. See below for the link to book onto our upcoming workshops. 

Finally, we continually collect feedback from you, and give this to senior leaders across education health and social care to make change. 

Please see below for things you can get involved in.



SEND children missing education

Did you know, children with SEND account for more exclusions than children without SEND?

Bolton IAS are looking to hear from families of children with SEND who have been excluded from school. We want to hear from you if your child has ever had;

• A fixed term or permanent exclusion 

• Been sent home at lunch 

• Been asked to go home to ‘cool off’ 

• Been put on a half day at school or a part time timetable

The survey will only take you a minute or two and is anonymous. The answers you give will help us to identify where there is a problem, and we can look to improve things for children with SEND in Bolton. For more information on different exclusions and the law, check out the exclusion article in our blog.

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Free workshops for parent carers

How SEND needs are met in Bolton

Bolton Council want to know what you think.

Following on from our local area OFSTED/CQC inspection, we need to ensure parents and carers think we are getting things right, and if not, to address it. Bolton Council want to hear from families about identifying SEND, meeting needs, and improving outcomes for children and young people. This can be for children with or without an EHC plan, and looks at education, health and social care. The survey takes about 5 mins, but is really important that we know what you think. 

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