Face to face appointments

Sometimes, it might be that we need to see you in person, rather than deal with your query over the phone or by email. Or, it might be you want to see us.

As we are a very small team, catering to meet the needs for the whole of Bolton, we often require a weeks notice to get you booked in. For cases relating to anything within the statutory processes, as timescales apply to those, we will always see you or make suitable arrangements as a priority.

If we feel it is something we can support you with over the phone or by email, we will always give you that option too. 

Our officers all have their own areas of experience, and so you will be allocated an officer based on your situation and the support your likely to require. This may mean seeing someone different than before if you've used us previously. 

Face to face appointments will be held at our office. We are happy to consider home visit requests for those unable to attend the office due to their own health needs. 

Please be mindful when booking an appointment that the officer will be booking up to two hours with you, so, if you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer this slot to another family that may be waiting.